Touch Up Pens Refresher Kit - Leather Repair Pens

Touch Up Pens Refresher Kit

Repair All Those Scuffs & Scrapes With A Touch Up Pens Refresher Kit

Its an easy to use solution, just dab the touch up pens refresher kit over the damaged are and the repair is that simple and its done, no need to seal as the dyes self seal.

  • Safely remove Scuffs
  • Scrapes Are Made Invisible
  • Easy Application
  • Self Sealing

The touch up pens are an all in one item, colours, and then permanently self seals for added strength.

Fix those scratches, scuffs and car scratches in one easy application, no mess, no fuss just simply repaired in a flash.

Dab the pen over the areas of damage and the job is done, its that easy to fix up your old scuffed, scratched leather items using a Touch Up Pens Refresher Kit

We produce over 5,000 colours in the Touch Up Pens Refresher Kit buy your pens today and get your leather items repaired in a flash.

With the leather repair pens, you don’t have to pay a fortune for leather repairs, you can fix scuffs & scratches at home.

With all repairs you will need to clean the surface of the leather down first of all, you can buy your leather cleaners Visit our DIY site

With a leather restore pen it’s an all in one easy to repair solution that colours then it self seals making repairs as good as the manufactured finish on your leather items.

The touch up pens refresher kit is perfect for the following leather items ….

Furniture – Car Seats – Leather Jackets – Handbags – Shoes -Briefcases -Aircraft Seats – Yacht Interiors – Vinyl Ares – Sofas – Couches – Dining Chairs – Wallets – Purses and so much more.

The Touch Up Pens Refresher Kit is compatible with all leather types apart from suede and nubuck leathers.

If you are unsure of your leather type call a leather advisor today 01482 606864


Touch Up Pens Refresher Kit